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shadow pathfinder 2e

Speed fly 40 ft. This is a negative energy effect. A creature dies if this Strength damage equals or exceeds its actual Strength score.

shadow pathfinder 2e

Environment any Organization solitary, pair, gang 3—6or swarm 7—12 Treasure standard. The sinister shadow skirts the border between the gloom of darkness and the harsh truth of light.

The shadow prefers to haunt ruins where civilization has moved on, where it hunts living creatures foolish enough to stumble into its territory. The shadow is an undead horror, and as such has no goals or outwardly visible motivations other than to sap life and vitality from living beings.

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Long, dark fingers stretch out across the wall, reaching toward light, life, and all that they do not have, but long to possess. The shadows move and hunger, for their very essence is gluttony and greed. Rampant covetousness and grasping greed lead some people down the dark path of evil and betrayal, eventually ending in a reprehensible death scene or a lonely expiration.

While most such petty and despicable souls travel on to their final rewards the same way everyone else does, in some cases gluttons, misers, and thieves waste away into nothing but shadows— undead things that reach and grab, but cannot hold. Shadows are incorporeal undeaddistorted like their namesakes and able to float or slide silently along surfaces, blending in among the true shadows there. This allows them to approach unnoticed, and those trespassers not caught completely by surprise rarely get more than a glimpse out of the corner of an eye—a flicker of movement and the sense of something out of place—before they strike.

In addition to guarding the haunted ruins they lay claim to or serving more powerful undead capable of cowing them, shadows devote themselves to attacking any living creatures they encounter, draining their victims of all vitality with their chilling touch.

Victims become weaker and weaker until they finally perish, but their suffering is only beginning. Like all undeadshadows are timeless creatures. As they have lost all concept of their previous life in the transition to undeath, the passage of centuries means almost nothing to them, and no one can say what shadows may do or think in the long wait between victims.

A shadow that has fed on the lives of many victims, or that dwells long enough in a place suffused with sufficient negative energies, may grow in power, becoming a greater shadow. Rarely is more than one greater shadow found in a particular place, as the creatures compete fiercely for prey. Some believe that in especially fallow times, shadows even consume their own, but this is almost certainly false, as consuming other undead would grant a shadow neither the energy it seeks nor a new spawn, and gangs of shadows have been found that survived sealed into lost tombs together for millennia.

What awaits powerful shadows is a question even the sages can only speculate about. Some believe shadow lords may eventually become shadow demonsdrawn down into the Abyss by the weight of their sins to drown in the eternal darkness.

shadow pathfinder 2e

Torn apart by the forces of chaos, they emerge as malevolent monsters of pure envy and avarice. Others claim shadow lords steal the vitality of the living to become more corporeal, eventually transforming into other undead creatures or half-real shades. Other variants include the following. These shadows possess the Advanced creature simple template, but instead of gaining a bonus to natural armorincrease their reach with their incorporeal touch by 10 feet.

Victims of this supernatural disease quickly weaken and die, at which point they spawn new plague shadows to further spread the contagion.


A plague shadow has the Advanced creature simple template, but does not gain a natural armor bonus to its AC. These shadows have the Advanced creature simple template—while they do not gain the bonus to natural armor that this template typically imparts, vanishing shadows possess blink as a constant spell-like ability.The term fiend or fiendish is used to describe creatures, places, or ideas originating or influenced by forces from Outer Sphere planes of evil alignmentalso known as the lower planes.

This includes demons of the Abyssdevils of Helland daemons of Abaddon. The term "fiend" most often refers to various races of outsiders devoted to the cause of evil. The following categories of creatures are considered fiends. Other evil outsiders that do not fall into any specific category, such as barghests or dorvaesmay also be considered fiends. Descendants of fiendish and mortal pairings are planar scions called tieflings. Fiendish creatures are native to the lower planes or are natives of the Material Plane that have been transformed by the foul energies of the lower planes.

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Many exist in forms almost identical to those found on the Material Plane. Main article: Fiendish creature. Pathfinder Bestiary Second Editionp. Paizo Inc. Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3p. Paizo Publishing, LLC. Lords of Chaosp. ISBN Categories : Fiend Outsiders Fiend creatures Creatures by trait. Source: Pathfinder Bestiarypg s.Rogue getting a lot of love - and I wholeheartedly approve!

I played a Knife Master Scout in my previous campaign! Wow, just stumbled across this and I am so happy. This is really really awesome. Thank you so much, I'm already linking it to all of my friends who play pathfinder!

This spell lasting an hour a level essentially gives you a move equivalent action each round. In conjunction with the Handy Haversack you could have anything you had on you in your hand and still be able to take a full round of actions.

Thanks, fixed. The Races of Pathfinder link under General Character Building is outdated and a duplicate besides being outdated of the Guide to Races link under Other. The "Fist of the Heavens! A Guide to the Champion of Irori" links to a blank document. Super Useful. Your awesome collection could use some more awesome. Stream of Sky has you covered with this excellent Witch handbook. Hey, I was recommended to tell you that I finished my guide to the Holy Vindicator, and to ask you to add it to this page.

Great guide, and sorry it took so long to add - I've been out of the country for a few weeks. Is there a discussion page floating around as well? I actually made one just now. Zurrs-Guide-to-the-Holy-Vindicator Thank you for your compliment, and no worries about the lateness. There seem to be some that don't carry over. Thanks for this incredibly useful compilation! However, Axe's Guide to Finding Divinity cleric guide leads to amaybe you'd like to check or take the link down.

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It looks like Axe's guide is down permanently. I'll poke around, but take it off the list for now. Thanks for pointing that out! Note that when a guide goes defunct, look on the wayback machine. That's awesome, thanks. I packrat all the optimization guides, and even keep revision history on the google docs ones. Hi I noticed your druid section is a little sparse, and this is a really good druid handbook.

Looks good, but I believe the handbook is for 3. These guides are for Pathfinder. I've added a new Summoner guide as none of the existing ones worked for the way I was playing. Looks good and added. Do you have a discussion on a forums somewhere for it as well? Also, you might want to lower the font size a few points, so its a bit easier to scroll through.

Now i'm working on a guide of the Loremaster and one of the Transmuter Wizard.Due to the Covid pandemic, most Paizo employees are working remotely; our warehouse is currently open for physical order fulfillment. For more information on how this impacts our retail operations, please visit: our status update thread in the customer service forums. Forum Search. Search Pathfinder Second Edition:.

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For advice, rules discussion, discussion of Paizo or third-party products, conversions, or house rules and homebrew, please see the appropriate subforum. Do we have any reason why the pdfs have low res images? Last post: 9 minutes ago by Aratorin. Why are goblins a playable race now? Last post: 11 minutes ago by Salamileg.

Outsiders need to sleep, drink, eat and breath in 2E? Last post: 1 hour, 54 minutes ago by Saedar. What evil creatures can be good, and why? Last post: Yesterday, pm by Sam Phelan. Advice Pathfinder Second Edition For soliciting or offering advice on play style including strategycharacter creation, or GMing under the rules as published. Balance issues cantrips - spells - weapons Last post: 54 seconds ago by Henro.

Spell comparison advice Last post: 29 minutes ago by Henro.

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What is Sigil used for? Last post: 6 hours, 52 minutes ago by SuperBidi. A paladin just joined the group. I'm a necromancer. Last post: Yesterday, pm by Loengrin.

Polymorphing and Wild shape analysis Last post: Yesterday, pm by Aratorin. Rules Discussion Pathfinder Second Edition For discussion of rules, including how a rule works, if a rule exists, or why a rule exists or doesn't exist. Can you take multiple voluntary flaws? Last post: 4 minutes ago by Aratorin.

Weapon size dice Last post: 11 minutes ago by 3Doubloons.

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Cutting free from Swallow Whole Last post: 1 hour, 4 minutes ago by Aratorin. Prismatic Wall really specifically unwieldy? Last post: 1 hour, 23 minutes ago by thenobledrake. Last post: 2 hours, 36 minutes ago by Ascalaphus.Speed fly 40 ft. During any conditions other than bright light, a shadow demon can disappear into the shadows as a move-equivalent action, effectively becoming invisible.

Artificial illumination or light spells of 2nd level or lower do not negate this ability. A shadow demon is utterly powerless in bright light or natural sunlight and flees from it. A shadow demon caught in such light cannot attack and can take only a single move or standard action. A shadow demon that is possessing a creature using magic jar is not harmed by sunlight, but if it is struck by a sunbeam or sunburst spell while possessing a creature, the shadow demon is driven out of its host automatically.

Environment any Abyss Organization solitary, pair, or haunt 3—8 Treasure standard. Tales of demonic possession are common, used often by the ignorant to explain strange or violent behavior. While the majority of such cases are merely manifestations of madness or derangement, those that are legitimate possessions are often the work of shadow demons.

Unlike many demons, shadow demons are incorporeal. When a particularly envious and evil mortal soul is pulled into the Abyss, it is transformed, split apart, and combined with other souls until what emerges is little more than jealous malevolence without the impediment of a physical body. Pathfinder RPG Bestiary. Toggle navigation. Shadow Blend Su During any conditions other than bright light, a shadow demon can disappear into the shadows as a move-equivalent action, effectively becoming invisible.

Sunlight Powerlessness Ex A shadow demon is utterly powerless in bright light or natural sunlight and flees from it. Patreon Supporters.I was looking through the information on Wraiths in Pathfinder and found that Wraiths have a Constitution Drain that allows a savings throw, while the Strength Drain of Shadows do not.

Doomsday Funtime - Pathfinder 2E - Session 50- The Terrible Stairs Of The Shadow Clock and a ladder

Is this a typo? I mean, the Shadow is a lower-combat-rating monster than the Wraith, yet its attack is exceedingly dangerous for even higher-level characters seeing that they ignore most armor and do 1d6 Strength Drain, meaning two lucky Shadows could kill the average non-frontline character in one roundwhile Wraiths end up being less and less powerful due to the greater capability of higher level characters to make their save.

While I can understand why Energy Drain doesn't gain a savings throw, I must wonder at the stat-draining Undead, which for a party not expecting undead can prove extremely detrimental even at higher levels. A swarm of 6 Shadows could overwhelm a higher-level party with a few lucky rolls and yet would only be worth a pittance of experience to them. Not sure where you are looking. That same creature also has a pitiable AC of 14 and only 6 hit points.

Granted it is incorporeal, but a well placed magic missile or two will drop that thing like a bad habit. The Greater Shadow is a CR 8 which means average party level should be right around that same level. Which means they'll have access to restoration spells, so the 1d8 STR damage there isn't so terrifying.

Can incorporeal undead with ability damage attacks TPK a party if the dice roll poorly? Heck yes. That's part of the challenge and the fun. While this does little to mitigate theie deadliness in combat, be advised that shadows inflict Strength damagerather than drain. MendedWall Actually, the normal 'vanilla' shadow inflicts 1d6 Str damage, has enough hp to withstand the occasional Magic Missile 19, to be preciseand clocks in at a mere CR3.

Shadows are considered extremely dangerous for their CR for a reason, after all Yeah that was a botch on my part. I looked at the lesser and greater and skipped right over the "normal. It is important to remember ability damage heals on its own over time, whereas drain requires magical assistance to heal. Foghammer Oct 11,am Wraiths have drain, Shadows do damage. Damage heals naturally, drain does not. I think the OP's complaint, if I'm understanding it right, is that Shadows seem as deadly or deadlier than Wraiths even though they have a lower CR.

That is not a typo. Shadows don't drain strength. They do strength damage. The wraiths drain strength, but you get a save. A wraith's con drain can also kill you via hit point damage if you lose enough constitution depending on the situation so I would not say they are less dangerous, and on top of that every save you fail makes it easier to fail to the next save.

They also have more hp than shadows so they get to hand around longer. Having used both as a GM, the shadows have always been easier to deal with.Pathfinder is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game RPG where you and a group of friends gather to tell a tale of brave heroes and cunning villains in a world filled with terrifying monsters and amazing treasures.

Pathfinder adventures take place in a perilous fantasy world rife with ancient empires; sprawling city-states; and countless tombs, dungeons, and monster lairs packed with plunder. A world of endless adventure awaits! A roleplaying game is an interactive story where one player, the Game Master GMsets the scene and presents challenges, while other players take the roles of player characters PCs and attempt to overcome those challenges.

Danger comes in the form of monsters, devious traps, and the machinations of adversarial agents, but Pathfinder also provides political schemes, puzzles, interpersonal drama, and much, much more.

As each scene leads into the next, each player contributes to the story, responding to situations according to the personality and abilities of their character. Dice rolls, combined with preassigned statistics, add an element of chance and determine whether characters succeed or fail at actions they attempt.

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Pathfinder is played in sessions, during which players gather in person or online for a few hours to play the game. If the Game Master enjoys telling the story and the players are entertained, the game can go as long as you like. A session can be mostly action, with battles with vile beasts, escapes from fiendish traps, and the completion of heroic quests.

Alternatively, it could include negotiating with a baron for rights to a fort, infiltrating an army of lumbering frost giants, or bargaining with an angel for a strand of hair required for an elixir to revive a slain friend. The GM might limit the options available during character creation, but the limits are discussed ahead of time so everyone can create interesting heroes.

The GM resolves the outcome of these actions. Do whatever feels best! If this is your first experience with a roleplaying game, it is recommended that you take on the role of a player to familiarize yourself with the rules and the world.

shadow pathfinder 2e

While the other players create and control their characters, the Game Master or GM is in charge of the story and world. The GM describes all the situations player characters experience in an adventure, considers how the actions of player characters affect the story, and interprets the rules along the way. Some even run games that combine original and published content, mixed together to form a new narrative. Being the GM is a challenge, requiring you to adjudicate the rules, narrate the story, and juggle other responsibilities.

But it can also be very rewarding and worth all the work required to run a good game. If it is your first time running a game, remember that the only thing that matters is that everyone has a good time, and that includes you. Everything else will come naturally with practice and patience. Whether you are the GM or a player, participating in a tabletop roleplaying game includes a social contract: everyone has gathered together to have fun telling a story.

For many, roleplaying is a way to escape the troubles of everyday life. Be mindful of everyone at the table and what they want out of the game, so that everyone can have fun. When a group gathers for the first time, they should talk about what they hope to experience at the table, as well as any topics they want to avoid. Everyone should understand that elements might come up that make some players feel uncomfortable or even unwelcome, and everyone should agree to respect those boundaries during play.

That way, everyone can enjoy the game together. This is a game for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other identities and life experiences. It is the responsibility of all of the players, not just the GM, to make sure the table is fun and welcoming to all.

In addition to this site, there are a few things you will need to play. These supplies can be found at your local hobby shop or online at various sites such as opengamingstore. Before creating your first character or adventure, you should understand a number of basic concepts used in the game.

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